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Youtube Suggested Videos Workaround

By default, Youtube suggests videos to viewers once a video has completed. It shows up in checkerboard form at the end of the video. Example: Depending on what the previous viewers of the video have also watched, there may be videos suggested that may not be appropriate. There is a way to prevent suggested videos […]

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Our World Leaders

Most of the UN video proposals have been uploaded to YouTube for all to see. Be sure to have your friends, family, and interested persons watch your persuasive and professional presentations. For those who recorded audio recordings(podcasts), we hope to have those uploeded soon. All videos can be accessed by using the Student Work drop […]

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Grade 6 Bits and Bites

Delicious Bookmarks A place to store sites that students and teachers can easily access. How Delicious works: sites are given multiple tags which are then easily sortable Sites can be shared with people in your network. YouTube We have a vibrant TouTube channel with over240videos! But wait, Mr. Sturgeon, how do I add bookmarks or […]

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