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MS SHIFT January Update

January The Latest Technology News  1. Sports Day Video -Born to Move Can you find yourself in the video? 2. BONIFACIO– Is your Google password still Bonifacio or your birthday? Change it now! For ultra security consider Google’s Two Factor Authentication . 3. Single-Tasking Is the New Multitasking: A technology satire video is that eerily true.  From the Being Digital section.   4. Taking Selfies Too Far? Is the photo the ultimate goal?  […]

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2011 Tech Ideas to Start the Year

2011 Tech Ideas to Start the Year Find some time. Click a few links. A little something for everybody. Student Work Displayed See the results of  grade level wide integration that saw Grade 6 students produce videos to be viewed by the United Nations. View some well thought out Grade 5 Wellness Public Service Announcements […]

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