Google Apps Video Creation via WeVideo

A sample of student work form Mrs. Vergel‘s Grade 6 Science class. Video produced online with WeVideo connected via Google Apps.



One of the many apps that can connect to Google Drive is WeVideo.

Here is some advice from Mrs. Vergel:

WeVideo feedback notes, not necessarily in order of importance.

  1. Initially, we had some issues with opening the app.

  2. WeVideo files are saved on an individual’s drive (a folder is created for this by the app).  It is possible to share the work in progress with the teacher.  Teacher can edit the video when shared, so best to leave it alone if you are the teacher.

  3. When the shared work in progress is uploaded and published, it is not automatically shared with the original people. It has to be shared with the original people.

  4. Photos that have no permission to be uploaded from the web will not be there.  Make sure to use Creative Commons material or open/free material.

  5. Sometimes the photos seem to get lost in cyberspace and all the work seems to be gone.  Waiting and refreshing usually works.

  6. Setting the work to Timeline (Advanced) allows the user to add transitions, audio and music to the presentation, and allows user to fix the timing of the presentation.

  7. Setting a time limit for the video is a good idea for presentations. (5 min max in our case)

  8. Make sure the music is not louder than the speaker’s voice. This can be adjusted in the Advanced Timeline setting.

  9. Students can work on WeVideo at home.

  10. There were issues of recording audio(voice) which could not be resolved at home.


To learn more about Wevideo

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Student Reviewed Educational Sites

The iLearn class continues to publish great educational website reviews to the world via the class blog and iTunes. Here is Ike’s review of a classic-Electocity.


Sketchup 2013

Some great Google Sketchup examples.


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Where Do You Want to Go?.. Check out the Relocation Guides


Explore cities in Asia, Australia, India, the Middle East, and Northern Africa
through these enticing Grade 6 Relocation Guides.  Important information on population, changes to the landscape, and
the impact of history is all included in these persuasive guides.  Students tech-finesse with PAGES software also adds to the engagement!  Enjoy!

The Relocation Guides are presently available via ISM Google Apps. When logged into your ISM Google account you can find any guide from any student in any class.

The guides have been made public to anyone at ISM who searches for them. They can be searched by name, homebase teacher, city, and /or by using the keywords guide, 2013


How to Find a Guide

1. Once in Google Drive, locate the search bar.

2. Input one or more of the searchable terms.

3. Click the triangle at the end the search bar.

4. Choose Search International School Manila.

Next week we hope to have them available  in iBooks form via the App Store.



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