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Student Reviewed Educational Sites

The iLearn class continues to publish great educational website reviews to the world via the class blog and iTunes. Here is Ike’s review of a classic-Electocity.



"Great song, Mr. Sturgeon."

A little jingle I made on the fly in iLearn classas  an introduction to Garageband.

iLearn Google Form Quizzes- Cool!

Wondersaid-Simple and Effective

made on Wondersay – Animate text with style


When clearing out the Student Resources network folder, I came across a copy of Slender. Not knowing what it was, I opened it up and began to explore. I immediately had flashbacks to The Blairwitch Project, the horror movie from the late 1990’s.


Slender is a free download.

A little creepy but engaging. Jay, a Grade 8 student, says, “Trying  playing at night, alone, with the lights out. Watch out.”

How to Tutorials

Ever get stuck and not know how to get a task done on your computer? Well, thanks to the following students, you can get clear and concise directions for common tasks you may need to perform. Choose a topic of your choice and the student’s instructions will guide you to success.

How to Get to Google Drive-Maddy 

How to Change Desktop  Picture on a Mac-Camella

How to Sign into the Chrome Browser-Lexi

How to Take a Screenshot-Ari

How to Sign into the Chrome App Store-Travis

How to Find a Mac Application-Reed

How to Use Instant Alpha in Pages-Pari

How to Get to Any Grade 5 Teacher or Class site

How to Rotate a Photo in Pages

How to Keep a Program in the Dock-Mac

How to Set Up Hot Corners on a Mac 




pic source


Road Sign.egg on Aviary.

Using Google Forms in iLearn

Here are some tips that would really help you when you are recording your voice in Garageband.

Author- Yasmin N.
1. When you want to record your voice you should always write down what you want to saybefore recording it because it helps you be organized more better and not make mistakes when recording. Your recording would sound smoother and nicer. 


If you make a mistake when you are recording, keep on going. DO NOT stop. You could always cut/split it and make it nicer later after you finished recording.

3. Always ask the person next to if you can record before recording because if you record at the same time you will hear the person next to you in your recording.

4. If you want to put sound effects inside your Podcast you should insert it in the ‘Jingles’ section.

5. Don’t put the mike too near your mouth or it would sound funny and weird.

6. If you want some music inside the background while you record, you should always make your voice LOUDER than the music.

7. Remember, the PLAY button is NOT for recording. The big red button at the bottom is the recording button. Sometimes you may forget and record NOTHING.

8. You can make a duplicate of your recording by pressing Ctrl while dragging the recording next to it.

9. You can adjust the volume of your recording. At the left you will see the volume picture and then you could make it louder or lower.

pic source

How to Make Fun and Amazing Cool Podcasts in Garageband-Chatu

How to Make Fun and Amazing Cool Podcasts on Garageband

  • To have a great podcast, you have to be organized. So you could go to Microsoft word and write what you are going to say.
  • When you are recording, everyone should be quiet, so you can hear you when you record. Also you have to have a clear voice. If you are quiet, then speak up a little. Don’t put the microphone too near. Or your voice would be too loud. Then push the red record button.
  • If you recorded what you wanted, but then you make a mistake, don’t stop, just go on.
  • Delete the parts you don’t want by splitting the track and deleting the part you do not need.
  • If you want background music but it you can’t find it in Garageband, you could drag your files to the Media Brower and drop it. Then you can split the music too, just like you did with your voice.

-Chatu K.

pic source

Website Recommendations:

Website Recommendations:Treetops

Treetop Trouble by Aadi

Website Recommendations:Raindrops

Raindrops at

iLearn-Share the Knowledge Challenge

Mr. Sturgeon’s iLearn students given the challenge of completing a word processing skills test recently. The goal was to have all students complete the task as quickly as possible. Students were encouraged to talk to each other, explain how to complete tasks, and even point to the screen and walk students through more difficult questions. The one approach not permitted was taking over control of a fellow classmate’s mouse.

Here is photo of the students nearing the end of the task.

Here is the list of tasks that they had. Give it a try.

Basics Speed Trial

Meet Our iLearn Class!

Survey Results

Check out what last year’s students had to say about the courses.

iDesign Final Survey results

How to Haggle-Noah and Junior


iLearn Final Survey

9 Ways to Get Revenge

[youtube][/youtube]Kamille, Michelle, and Iso  have some advice for students. Are you ready to try out their suggestions?

Future Laptops? What do you think?


Is AXE for you?

Jasmine promotes a very intriguing product!


Time Stream-Carlos

Carlos send s you back in time!


[youtube] [/youtube]

What a Horror!

iLearn students have produced some great movies this year. Check out a sample below.

*Warning: For those with a weak heart, Parental Guidance is advised.

To view others  click  video in the tag box.


Cross posted with Grade5.

Review: Nick Explains Electrocity

electrocityELECTRO CITYnick

Review: Iso


Review: Middle School Survival


Michelle and Kamille


Review: Tyrone and Hunter

electrocityTyrone and Hunter


Review:Death in Saqqara

noah. death in sakkara podcast

An award winning online Egypt game.


indextop_01Carlos gives a spooky review



Junior’s Funky Review

Lee, Gyerye (Junior)


electrocityLara explains Electrocity


Tech Cartoons Revisited

ramos. Noah. computer killerleow.michelle.toondoo credit cardMorales.Isobel.cartoon2487569yu-banos.jasmine.privateinfotoondoo

Check out some of our technology related cartoons from our iLearn students.

Tutorials:Better Than Ever

iLearn students designed some tutorials to hlep Grade 5 students perform required tasks on the

Grade 5 Sustainability Ning social network.

[slideshare id=2985518&doc=leow-michelle-tutorials-100125005011-phpapp01&type=d&w=600 ] [slideshare id=2985517&doc=pocarlosilearntutorial-100125005015-phpapp02&type=d&w=600] [slideshare id=2985516&doc=ramos-noah-howtochangeningbackground3-100125005019-phpapp02&type=d&w=600] [slideshare id=2985515&doc=fernandez-lara-tutorial-100125005008-phpapp02&type=d&w=600]

Macbook Wheel Set to Change the World

What do you think of this new product?


Lets’s Go the Movies 2



Platypus V.S. Human


Lets’s Go the Movies 1

Enjoy some of the  final videos from the iLearn students.

Torture Teacher


Awesome and Cool




Postcards from the Edge

Postcard copy   PS GC copy Postcard. JTP

 Lim.T.Leaning tower of pisa with me copy taj mahal water skip copy eiffel-tower w two me jumping on it copy Martin Narciso

 postcard.andrea.manalac take the leap copy    Me in NiagaraFalls copy

golovakova masha japan trip  apollo08_earthrise copy   Anna on WM copy 

  Sanj at the White House copy

Here is our first attempt with Photoshop. Many thanks to Mr. Hoover for stopping by and teaching us the basics.

The Three Bandits

This is a sample movie showing the basics of a simple but effective movie making program known as Photostory. iLearn students went to work on a practice movie using a set of pictures given to them. Check back later for some of the best.

*All actors are fictional. Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.


Plans for Subic

dolphins For travelers interested in going to Subic,  we have  some suggestions to help you plan your trip.

-Jenny, Lea, Grace

RSS Info for All!


I Want My MTV

MTV This podcats talks about MTV or the Music Televison. Hope you like it!


Young Joo Lee

Young Joo talks about..


imagesDale describes an interesting music site.

Your Chance for Another Million Dollars?

hongsooyeon319538244_14734b20bc_m(2) Soo Yeon…

pic source

Kevin Boosts His Brain

2089466950_352a8cc0d2_m Kevin also is excited about his special site.

pic source

Lea Explains Darwin’s Evolution Game

darwin_5[1]A great production recommending  a great site! Wow!

Grace and Jenny BrainPop

A great overview of a great site.


pic source

Suriyzah and Sammy Tell You About the “Millionaire” site


Do you want to be a Millionaire? If so, check out “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Rory and Kaya Review ToonDoo

7684ph 1741phListen to Kaya and Roy’s review of the cartoon site ToonDoo.

Tech Toons

Grade Five iLearn students have produced some cool cartoons relating to technology. Topics such as cyberbullying, online chatting, gaming addiction, cellphone, online scams, spam email, and other tech issues were addressed by the students.
Print outs of the cartoons can be seen in the Grade hallway on the plaza level.

Make your own cartoons at Toondoo.

lamont.rory.toondoo kong.owen.toondoo Tan. Shin yee. A baseball match

Shaminan.Suriyzah toondoo credit card tan.nea.toondoomaker Hong. Soo Yeon. Technology cartoon

More Helpful Hints from Sammy

[slideshare id=1965926&doc=howtoaddadocumenttotheteachersdropbox-090907230349-phpapp02&type=d&w=425]

Making Tutorials

Recently Grade Five students have been make tutorials to share with others.
[slideshare id=1950332&doc=howtouseaformstoolbar-090903225930-phpapp01&type=d&w=425]

A New Beginnning

 This school year at International School Manila we have so much more:
  • Grade Five has been welcomed as part of our Middle School
  • new laptop carts grades five and six
  • four fully functionally computer labs(three setup with MacMini so that you can run Windows and Mac OS)
  • new people: myself teaching the Grade Five and Six electives of iLearn and iDesign. Check out the pics. Mr. Chadwick integrating with Grades Seven and Eight as well coordinating MS Technology, and Mr Hoover, who will split his time with us and the high school.

 Hoover, BrandonChadwick, Matthew_2sturgeon

Mr. Hoover       Mr. Chadwick      Mr. Sturgeon

Be sure to ask us any questions you may have!

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