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Yolanda-One Year Later by Sarina

Google Earth Tour Builder

Really excited about this! Uses Google Earth, pictures, video, and text to create a presentation.  Very user friendly!

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 8.58.01 AM
Working on a demo to describe my teaching career.


A sample of Powtoon used on the Grade 5 website.






Simple Student Portfolio Idea

Interested? Looking for one or two teachers to trial.

Student Led Conferences

Are you interested in having students organize their work for the student led conferences? The idea is to use a simple Google Doc template to organize and encapsulate student work.

Option 1 Having students organize their work from your specific class. Here is an example from an iLearn student. template
Option 2 A more comprehensive idea is to have each student organize all work from all classes in one place- in essence having a Grade 5/6 portfolio. Here is a rough simple template.
1. Why do it with a Google Doc?
a. students have permanent digital record of work
b. looks great
c. everything in one place
d. students are familiar with Docs
2. The work in my class is all done on paper! How can this work with Docs?
Have students select “x” pieces of work. a) Have them scanned at the Photocopy office. More to your resources for students. b) take pictures of work and share.
3. I don’t know how to set it up. /It takes too  much time. /I don’t feel confident setting it up. There is little teacher set up involved. The students are the ones compiling and reflecting. The template can be modified for your class. Only one new Google skill involved.
4. I don’t have time. Again, once you finalize the template, the onus is on the student.

Google Drive Apps and Extensions

Google Drive Extensions/Plugins Worth Considering

DriveTunes: allows you to play audio within Drive








Gmail Attachments to Drive: adds a Save to Drive link to the View and Download options with Gmail attachments





Spanning Stats for Google Drive: breaks down what type of files you have stored in Google Drive. Fun to see a visual representation.


Cool Teacher Stuff

Check out Mr. Eric’s embedded Homework calendar.

Chunking and popping your text. Here for other ways to make your  blog entries pop. T. Cook

Making your guidelines visible and public. R. O’Regan

Combining science with acting to explain plant cells.

Embedding shared student resources from a Google folder into your blog.

* Are you making you resources available with Google? Much easier thatn uploading Word Docs/PDFs to your blog.

See how teachers are sharing  resources with Students on Google.

See some champions.


pic source

TEST YOURSELF: Google Search Expert

Using time efficiently is crucial when online. When researching online one must be skilled at finding the correct information in a timely fashion. Google recently set up a Power Searching course that is free for all to take. It consists of six major topics and lessons within which consist of videos and short follow up quizzes.

For quick help on google shortcuts or using the searchbar dirctly checkout here.

For simple  quick tips, check this out or this.

When you feel confident, you can try the iLearn Master Searcher Ultra Super Examination. See what great a searcher you really are!

This a a review/challenge that iLearn students completed. Can y9u beat their scores?

For a summary of most the skills needed for the quiz, see this older post.


Teach Yourself: Google Docs, Chrome, Mac apps and more!

Ever get stuck and not know how to get a task done on your computer? Well, thanks to the following students, you can get clear and concise directions for common tasks you may need to perform. Choose a topic of your choice and the student’s instructions will guide you to success.

How to Get to Google Drive-Maddy 

How to Change Desktop  Picture on a Mac-Camella

How to Sign into the Chrome Browser-Lexi

How to Take a Screenshot-Ari

How to Sign into the Chrome App Store-Travis

How to Find a Mac Application-Reed

How to Use Instant Alpha in Pages-Pari

How to Get to Any Grade 5 Teacher or Class site

How to Rotate a Photo in Pages

How to Keep a Program in the Dock

How to Set Up Hot Corners on a Mac 


pic source


Road Sign.egg on Aviary.


Ted Ed makes flipping the classroom a great deal easier! Often times teachers mention (and I know what they mean!) that it is time consuming to produce their own video lessons for students  students. Well, Ted Ed makes this a whole lot easier. They offer an increasing number of the inspirational and informative TED videos as engaging interactive lessons for students. Selected videos are animated, cartoonized, or made more visual in some manner.. The video  lesson includes a follow up questionnaire and additional resources.

The best thing about Ted Ed flipping? Well, it has to be the ability to flip ANY YouTube video. Ted Ed allows the user to to apply your own titles, your own questions, your own resources, and provide your  own link to any  YouTube video lesson you customize-not just the ones on their site.


Adolescence, Puberty and Backchanelling

Recently Mrs. Thompson’s Wellness classes have been preparing for the upcoming topic of adolescence and puberty. To battle the giddiness, uncomfortableness and self consciousness that the students feel with this topic, she decided to try, a backchannelling site. This online resource offers the opportunity for students to pose and answer questions all the while :


1)  not having to wait for the teacher to call on them

2) not having to feel uncomfortable about the topic

3) not feel that their question is “stupid” or ‘random’

4) with anonymity*

#4 was interesting as Mrs. Thompson decided to give each student a number instead of having the students use their real names.

Students watched a short BrainPop video about Adolescence.

Students when joined a “practice’ room at without instructions or guidelines. This time was used for the students to experiment with the site, get the goofyness worked out, and develop strategies to converse with specific people in the class. Once the excitement  subsided, there was a discussion of how a backchannel worked. Basic guidelines were worked out.

Students posted great questions and answers. Room moderators evolved

naturally. Participation was 100 %.

Post activity the students mentioned that:

-“It helps you if you are really shy”

-“I like it being private.”

“Hard to do as you watched the movie. It was better when we hard time after the film.”

It would be better on laptops so you could seperate yourself from others.

‘I can ask qestions without anybody knowing.”

“Some people get off task.”

“”ou don’t have to try and speak over other people.”




Hunger Games Trailer Audio

A new profession perhaps? Made my own audio for the upcoming Hunger Games trailer. Pretty happy with it.

[youtube width=”525 ” height=”410″][/youtube]

Check out the original below.





How can you use

1. Get feedback on school trips.
2. Gather resources collectively.
3. Student responses to presentations, media,questions, etc.
4. Generate brainstorming ideas.
5. think of your own…

How to set it up?

1. Go to
2. Choose build a wall.
3. Choose a URL name.
4. Enter name and email.
5. Choose a picture
6. Choose public or private.
6. Share by giving out address or embed into a blog post.
7. Start adding Sticky notes.

notes limited to 160 characters
can embed pics and video links into posts

What is Next?

Can you see the possibilities of using these future technologies in your classroom?

Eye Tracking

Smart Window

Interactive Projectors

These devices are here already.

On the Go

Is he ultimate presentation tool an HD interactive portable projector? Check out the new Pico

Ten Steps to iMovie


7 Tips to Add Some Punch and Zing to Your Blog Posts

Three Things

After perusing all the teacher blogs in Middle School, a few things stand out:
1. Teachers have increased the frequency of their posts.
2. The diversity of topics covered has increased

and the focus for this post..
3. many posts lack an engaging look and feel

pic source@Flickr

Here are…

7 Tips to Add Some Punch and Zing to Your Blog Posts

1. Insert a picture per post. Too many posts are large black blob of text. Using a picture sets the tone for your blog post. Be sure to use and show attribution of the Creative Commons photos you use. Two easy way sot do this are by using Compfight and Google Advanced image search.

2. Chunk it. Draw the eye and create a smooth flow for the reader by chunking your text into short(er) paragraphs.

3. Add scanning points. Utilize the bold and text color options to emphasis key words and ideas to your reader.

4. Make lists. Readers like lists. They …

  • draw attention to the most important step
  • emphasis key ideas
  • make it easy to scan

5. Awesome titles and subtitles. Be a student for a second- would you be more likely to click Meet the FlyGuy! or Class Animation Projects.

6. Crisp links. Link the site name itself or a catchy word rather than linking a long ugly URL.

You can check out Mr. Pasamba’s cool class site is a little freiendlier than

7. Engage your students. Get the students involved by asking a question, creating a contest, requesting a headline to a funny pictur, etc. and encouraging them to respond.  Here is a good example of a teacher site that encourages dialogue.


Science Rebirth

Laying on the couch bored last night.
Clicked my StumbleUpon link to bring up interesting websites.

Came across a site that rocked my earthly world…..

Why does the earth spin?
How was the earth formed?

Are just two of the videos that really got me to think.
pic source


Seemingly simple questions that you would think everyone would or should know.
While I was embarrassed that I could not answer some to the proposed questions, I am glad that I spent an hour of my life  watching the fascinating videos. The goal of the videos is not to make you feel like an idiot but to help explain of some of the basic laws of science.

These are not just for students  but for everyone.

Highly recommended. Perhaps they can be used as an intro to a class.

More on the site to blow your mind

What happens when you drop a slinky?


Grade 5-Odds and Ends

Google Apps at ISM
Refer to Chadwick’s email.
Grade 7/ 8  + HS usage

Grade 5 Channel exists


Blog Highlights




Current Events



Soothe the soul- Lend




Triptico is a neat little resource pack that works great with an Interactive WhiteBoard but is very useful even if you do not yet have a IWB.

Triptico consists of a set of fourteen simple but effective resources.

The list includes:

Student Picker

Word magnets


Student Order

Flip Timer

Student Groupings


Please visit Triptico. It will ask that you install Adobe Air on your computer first. Simply follow the prompts and you should be OK.


Getting to the Board-Beginning Steps to Being Interactive

How do use the Promethean with my students?

Here are two simple ways to get started:

Us the  Engaging the Entire Class flipchart

Use the Dual User Intro flipchart

all of which  are found under the Shared Resources folder in MS Resources>Grade5>General


More Promethean Resources

Our Promethean resources have been updated with some interesting resource packs.

Tim and Moby icons. KWL charts,

Classroom Management Activities
activity timers, pulling names from a hat, more

You will also see more icons an graphics to help build your flipcharts: These include: graphic organizers, Technology Icons, Science ClipArt, Bullets and Arrows,

number of files has been doubled

If you discover a resource pack at Promethean Planet that you feel would benefit all ISM teachers, please let you respective IT integrator know.



Sharing Promethean Resources

Promethean Resources are now available to all. We have amalgamated various sources into an easily navigable  list of training lessons, flipcharts, and animations.

To access the resources..

0 First choose view>browsers.

By choosing the following, you gain access to…

1 Resource browser. From here you have access to resources.

2 My Resources This is where you would save resources particular to your class that you choose not to share with other teachers.

3 Shared Resources. These resources are open for all teachers to see. (This is the active window that the screenshot shows.)

4 Library. Here you find, sounds, templates, backgrounds, etc.

5 Where you will share your creations This is where you will share created materials with fellow teachers. You are able to save to these folders. This should become the most valuable resource as the contents will be tailored for ISM students.

6 Subjects. A wide range of subject areas can be found here.

7 Training. All materials use in the recent professional development can be found here.

This section also includes to-the-point how-to’s on how to use particular tools.



Week 2 Aug 15-16. Promethean Resources

Laptop Intro Update

Two of eight completed.
Forty minutes gets setup, use of login script, Internet browsing, email activation, sending an email.
Not covered Microsoft Word setup, cleaning up of Dock, personalizing dock, student account cleanup, saving saving solutions.


… are being compiled with hopes of having them shared with all teachers. Presently there is a Staff Resources folder where info is being collected and sorted. Staff>IT Integration>Promethean.

Many of the resources are taken from here.

Grade 5 Promethean training is Friday morning.
Tour of Grade 5 Website

What is it’s purpose?

Who will post to it? How often?

Grades5/6 Start of year Necessities

Nuts and Bolts

1.    Laptop Use Policy
2.    Laptop Orientation Sked
3.    Updating profiles in Grade level blog
4.   Meeting times: Grade 5 after Wednesday meetings  + Checking  calendar

Beginning of the year Quickies

Positive Changes:

Mapping to z Drive
More My Docs space
Quick Launch Toolbar
Website Shortcuts

Hiding old blog posts
Email pop up Elimination

pic source

To consider:

Using Outlook calendar
Upcoming Promethean training
Regular Grade level blog post criteria
Personal DropBox usage
Increasing use of Delicious Bookmarks
Having students contribute to your blog



End of year Grade 6 Teacher Tech Blast

Here are the links to the topics I covered this morning:

Microsoft Photosynth: stitching panorama together easily

Google Search Tips : a reminder of Google’s power

Spike : cut and pasting from multiple documents


Sample eShorts

“Change” Podcast Comments Flowing In

Well over 80 comments posted on the Change podcasts. I am once again impressed with the quality and sincerity of the comments posted. Students love the feedback, so keep it coming!

If you have not had a chance to listen to some of the great work, visit here.
If interested in finding a specific person, topic, class, or how to subscribe on iTunes to have the podcasts on your iPod, see the view this post

One small reminder, for consistency, please have the students only use their first names.


Not a screensaver or desktop background!


It was unfortunate today that we suffered a grave loss. A laptop gave up its screen due to some manageable mistakes.

One student was carrying a laptop improperly in the hallway when another student came running around the corner and crashed into the laptop carrier.

The cost to replace the screen is 700 USD. A new machine costs 1000 USD.

IT will replace the machine as it is more cost effective.


Two major reminders:

  • Do not tolerate running in the hallway.
  • Students need to close the lid and hug the laptops close to the chest when in transport.

Spike! Keeping it simple.

 Tired of jumping between documents to Copy and Paste various bits and pieces of information and text?

Microsoft’s Spike is the answer.   The Spike is a little known  clipboard feature of Microsoft Word.  You are able to selext two or move items (  text, words, paragraphs, graphics)  from various locations in a document or different documents, and then insert the items as a group in a new location or document. They are pasted in the order in which they were selected.

To move items to and from the” Spike”:

  1. Select the text or graphic you want to move, and then press Ctrl-F3 (in Windows) or Command-F3 (on a Mac).
  2. Repeat this step for each additional item you want to move to the Spike.
  3. Click in the document where you want to insert the Spike’s contents.
  4. To insert the Spike’s contents and empty the Spike, press Ctrl-Shift-F3 (in Windows) or Command-Shift-F3 (on a Mac).

The one drawback is that when you select the text it “cuts” rather than copy. Be careful not to save the original document with the missing text unless you intend to.

pic source

Grade Six Tech Survey Results

The results are in. A vast majority of Grade Six students completed a Tech Survey recently. It covered topics as such as studnet abilities, cyber bullying, social networks like Facebook,  and parental involvement. If you haven’t taken it, you can find it here.

Some of the more interesting results can be found below. Is there anything that stands out to you?

If you are a parent, there is a survey for you as well. We often it interesting to compare student perceptions with that of parents.

The parent survey is here.

Modern Language:Ideas for Sharing Oral Speaking

Download this post here.

Modern Languages

Posting of homework, assessments and rubrics very common
Most teachers posting on regular basis

Increasing and Sharing Oral Speaking Opportunities

1. Audio Recording via
GarageBand-nearly all Grade 5/6/7students have experience
Sound recorder-Windows:Start/Programs/Accessories/Sound Recorder
handheld recorders: handy despite software unfriendliness


insert audio files into blog
have any audio files form blog available in iTunes


Audio: grade 5 iTunes:search for ismanila in iTunes store

2. Community Conversations


Multiple story strand
Telling story about a picture
Student feedback on questions
Community discussion on topics
Blank cartoon stories. Students add voices.

Examples: see the Modern language teacher example here

Ideas: each student counts 1-10, Students describe an event, picture, etc.

Follow up: How to set it up so that public users can leave comment via the blog without going to VocieThread”

3. Personal video comments:

PhotoBooth: record face and voice. Why fight it? Students love it. Use it to your advantage.

a)     Place in teacher dropbox
b)     Upload via YouTube  to blog
c)     String together a story and post as video.

Issues: ML not having laptops til next year.

Solution: Use one laptop and have students rotate.
Student commenting

Posting questions for discussion in blog posts. Students respond in the appropriate language.
Sample: jacobs Morgan has many seemingly unsolicited comments on her blog posts.

5. Video stories-Photostory or iMovie or Keynote
A series of stills that can you can record over. Studnets can be given pictures, collect pictures.

Great for storytelling, oral compositions, reading written work.

Photostory: easy to use   iMovie: all students in Gr6 and 7 are familiar

6. Video 2 : Recording spoken work/presentations with camera

Vado cameras available for checkout at IT office.

Great for recording presentations, dialogues, speaking that are already happening in your class.

7. Add students as users to blogs. Let them post. Great ideas to start next year.



  1. 1. hopefully you are better grasp on methods to capture student particpation in your  class.
  2. 2. Hopefully you have some ideas on how to share studnt work in a public forum.
  3. 3. Try to push  the tech hiccups to the end. We are hear to help with that. Focus on what you what to do first.

Technical help available:

uploading to YouTube

embedding audio into blog

help with software: Photostory, iMovie, Garageband, VoiceThread










many teachers using blogs for Homework

many used for assignment descriptions

a few have inserted  YouTube videos


Google Search Tips and Tricks

1. Use quotation marks to search for words a as a phrase. “smokey mountain” vs. smokey mountain

2. Exclude words: Philippine tourism -resorts

3. Search for file types: use Advanced Search and search for Powerpoint, etc.  OR use filetype:extension. Example: early humans filetype:ppt

4.  Limit website for particular search: rice shortage

5. Google images: In advanced search, choose images labeled for reuse, sizes, and dates.

6. Results in timeline view: Gloria Arroyo view:timeline


Google Search Bar’s Magical Powers

1. Calculator: 22*5+12/4

2. Units of measure converter: 5 miles in kilometers, 5kgs in lbs,

3. Currency converter: 1000 Philippine pesos in USD

4. Dictionary:


5. Time: ex. time in Iceland

5. Loads more: package tracking, cooking conversions, stock quotes, fill-in-the-blank, see more here

Tips from Google on searching

pic source


Grade Six Teacher Update March 31


Relocation Guides are up on Grade 6 site.

Did you know?

…your My Docs folder has a 1GB limit?*

….students’ My Doc folder has a 500MB limit?

Many students are reaching their limit due to accumulating larger files and/or having many years worth of files. It’s time to do some renovation! Setting 20 minutes aside to have students re-evaluate and re-organize their schools documents would be very useful for many students.

Password Changing

Many students still have their birthday as their passwords. It may be the time to increase security be changing student passwords on a one by one  basis.

USB Performance

It’s a BUS! If the bus breaks down you are without your work. USB Tips: a) attach it to a cord   b )name it by right-clicking and Rename


Issues? Questions?



remember DropBox?

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has been mentioned before on the Integration blog.  Students are accessing the site on their own time and teachers are mentioning it at the water cooler in the morning coffee lines. Watch the founder of Khan Academy describe how the site started.

Animation Celebration

Some iDesign students created animations were played for the entire Middle School this past Wednesday. Based on the laughing. applause, and the audience’s desire for more, the student animators should be proud of their work.

If you are interested in animation, download the free Stykz program. It is available for both Windows and Mac. The website includes some great “getting started’ video tutorials. They also have great tips and a solid help section to learn as you go.


CWW Trivia Challenge

See how much you remember about the CWW trip.

“Who Wants  to be
a Millionaire?”

CWW Millionaire Game

“Are You Smarter than
a 5th Grader?”

5th Grader



Celebrating Poetry!

Check out some of the sample poems produced by Mrs. Cook’s class. To see more , visit her classroom.

Teacher Challenges

Weekly Update

Thanks for surprise!

  • Email subscriptions-7 teachers now using
  • Email subscriptions-can do so for integration blog
  • Email subscriptions-investigating a plugin for wordpress-UPDATE: foudn and ready to go
  • 7 people now following the Grade 6 site!

Teacher Challenges

Enter the “Cutting Edge Teacher of the Year”  award by completing one of the following tasks:

  1. adding students as users to your blog for comments and posts *
  2. collaboration-using Google Docs e.g. science lab work, observation manual *
  3. find a time to play with Pages(not iPages)-make your spouse a lovely card/introduce a topic/sell your wares   #
  4. post subject updates to Grade 5/6 sites  #
  5. Subscribe  to the emailss for Grade 5 and/or 6 site or integration  #
  6. Subscribe to the RSS feed form a site at school. #
  7. post exemplary work to your class site. Does it deserve notice on the Grade5 or 6 site?  #
  8. Using the laptops?  Ask me to stop by and hang out.#
  9. Do something cool and let me know so I can brag on your behalf!  #
  10. Find, request, ask for time to do one of the above! #

*= will need some setup help
#= your can do it now or with minimal help

The goal is to make your life easier and not to add on to your workload.

pic source

Three Ways to Capture the Screen

 Three ways to capture  part or the whole of your Desktop
(Using what is already on your school computer)

1. Print Screen button  2. Smart Notebook Screen Capture  3.  Have a Mac :0

Ways to Capture Images on Your Scrren

Recieve Integration Updates in your Email

Never have time to check out how to solve those niggly tech issues at ISM? Well, have solutions come to you!
Click on the ‘Subscribe to Emails” button the the ISM Integration blog and have the latest tech updates delivered in your email.

Grade 5 Website Update

The Grade 5 website has undergone some changes! Now virtually everything you need related to Grade 5 is located in the menu bar.
Some of the immediate changes include:

  • Added home button: just makes sense
  • Added Specialist teachers tab:makes finding any Grade 5 teacher even easier
  • Teachers, students and parents are encouraged to use the Email Updates button. By subscribing, you will receive an email each time the site has a new article posted.

    Please leave a comment if something not quite right 0n the site or you have a suggestion.

    Change for the Better

    The Grade 6 website has undergone some radical changes! Now you will have an easier time navigating as virtually everything is located in the menu bar.

    Some of the immediate changes include:

    • Added home button
    • Redesigned site with new theme
    • Added Specialist teachers tab
    • Added email request link

    2011 Tech Ideas to Start the Year

    2011 Tech Ideas to Start the Year

    Find some time. Click a few links. A little something for everybody.

    Student Work Displayed

    Teacher Blogging Techniques

    • A clever way to make that weekly post that takes the “blogging pain” away.
    • View the power of embedded games on  your blog site. A natural fit.
    • Witness the draw-you-in-ness of having large, clear images at the start of your blog posts.
    • Simple organization of daily class starters you already do allows for student review and a bank of future resources.

    To inspire integration

    Off the beaten track
    To soothe the soul at the start of 2011:

    • If you need to just chill a bit after the holidays, grab a primer of various styles of music from the music department.
    • Not to be missed. Try a new hobby.

    Photostory Sample

    Here is a sample of a Photostory  that I put together for my iDesign class.


    Check your email for a link to get sup.

    To watch the video again…

    When at school… It will ask for connections options.

    You will need to

    a) check manual settings

    b) server: proxy   port:80

    c) Check “Proxy Server Requires Password” box

    4)  input Unsername and Password

    Setting Up DropBox

    1. Go to

    2. Download Dropbox.

    3. Install

    4. Connection settings

    At school, you need to get around the proxy. Use the settings below.

    In Windows XP, the DropBox symbol will show up next to your clock.

    Flex Your Blog’s Muscles

    I have spent a good amount of time looking at blogs of teachers involved with Grade 5 and Grade 6.

    I thought I would highlight some particular aspects of certain blogs in hopes that you may look at them and be inspired. This is not to show the best sites nor create pressure on teachers. In fact, virtually everyone is meeting the minimal requirements and most teachers are looking for new ways to utilize their sites.


    • Be creative in getting students and people to look at your site (and want to look at your site!)
    • Induce student’s comments to your posts. Ask a question. Get them to reflect or respond to other comments.

    Specific Highlights

    Grade 5 Home

    Dealing with Pictures Grade 5/6

      Dealing with Pictures PDF Format

    Dealing with Pictures

     Traditionally, teachers have used the server for pictures. 

        +’s  -‘s 
    Staff Resources:  for keeping pictures for teacher use only Secure while at school Nobody remembers where they are.Nobody really looks at them.

    Takes up a lot of space.

    Student Resources:  pics for student use Secure while at school.Good for temp use. Annoying to access from Home

    However, we have a Flickr pro account.

     There are some distinct advantages with Flickr.

    • Unlimited storage
    • Open to the public
    • All pictures centralized
    • Accessible from anywhere.


    • If you want to display photos publicly, use Flickr.
    • If you want to have students access and choose pictures for work at school, place them temporarily in Student Resources.
    • Move away from using the Staff Resources to store pictures.

    YouTube Tutorial for Grade 5/6 Teachers

    YouTube Upload Tutorial

    Grade 5 and 6 Updates Sept 8

    Grade 6 Home Update

    The Grade 5 site is up and running

    Blogging#4: Embedding Video

    1. Sign into you blog.
    2. Go to Plugins.
    3. Find Viper’s Video. Activate Viper.
    4. Create a new blog post.
    5. Write an overview of your video.
    6. Click YouTube icon.
    7. Paste URL of YouTube video.
    8. Put in iDesign/Animation category.
    9. Add “video” and “Pivot” as tags.
    10. Publish post.


    Blogging #2:How to Set up Categories and Menu Bar on Your Blog

    Part I

    At the Dashboard, choose Posts>Categories.

    Add the following categories:

    iDesign              Reflections                    Digital Portfolio

    Add  Animation and make it a  sub-category under iDesign by choosing iDesign as the parent.

    Part II

    We will make your blog use categories as the menu items in the top row.

    To do this..

    1. Go to Appearance>Current Theme Options> then…


    2. Save

    Blogging 3#:How to Write a Great ISM Blog Post

    wordpress1. Title: Perhaps the most important point. Get your readers in the door! Use great kewwords.

    2. Use a great image. Readers are easily bored with running text. Break it up with pictures, diagrams, charts.

    3. Have great content. Have something that people want to read.

    4. Suggest more. Have the reader so something. Suggest they leave a comment, visit a link, suggest links, give advice, pose another question…

    5. Use hyperlinks. Link keywords to other posts or other sites that would be of interest.

    6. Add your post to a categoryThis makes things much easier in the future.

    Blogging #1: How to Set Up Your School Blog

    Ready to get blogging?

    1. Please visit the link that was sent out via email, and log in with your username and and temporary password given.



    1. Immediately go to your profile, which is located at the top of your screen (probably says “Howdy, ____”) OR you can go to the left side of the screen and under the dropdown menu for ‘Users’, you’ll find “Your Profile”.
    2. At the bottom of your profile be sure to change your password to something you’ll remember!

    The Dashboard: Control center of the blog – the “brain”


    • General: change things like date/format, email address, blog title, time zone
    • Writing:  “size of the post box” to something larger like ‘20′.
    • Reading: leave as is for now
    • Discussionchecking the box: “An administrator must always approve the comment”
    • Delete Blog: yeah, just don’t click this one. Please.

    What is a Blog?

    To help you understand what a blog is……


    A blog is essentially a website that have some special characteristics:

    • A main content area with articles listed chronologically, newest on top. Often, the articles are organized into categories.
    • An archive of older articles.
    • A way for people to leave comments about the articles.
    • A list of links to other related sites, sometimes called a “blogroll”.
    • One or more “feeds” like RSS, Atom or RDF files.”

    Leave a Reply