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Zar Zar’s Awesome Home Tour

Check out the awesome home built by Zar Zar using Google SketchUp. Particular attention to the intricate detail she uses when designing some of the furniture inside her home.


Martin’s House Tour

Martin has designed a house using Google Sketchup. Here he gives you a tour of his newly constructed home.

Tech Toons

Grade Five iLearn students have produced some cool cartoons relating to technology. Topics such as cyberbullying, online chatting, gaming addiction, cellphone, online scams, spam email, and other tech issues were addressed by the students.
Print outs of the cartoons can be seen in the Grade hallway on the plaza level.

Make your own cartoons at Toondoo.

lamont.rory.toondoo kong.owen.toondoo Tan. Shin yee. A baseball match

Shaminan.Suriyzah toondoo credit card tan.nea.toondoomaker Hong. Soo Yeon. Technology cartoon

More Helpful Hints from Sammy

[slideshare id=1965926&doc=howtoaddadocumenttotheteachersdropbox-090907230349-phpapp02&type=d&w=425]

Making Tutorials

Recently Grade Five students have been make tutorials to share with others.
[slideshare id=1950332&doc=howtouseaformstoolbar-090903225930-phpapp01&type=d&w=425]

More Great Pivot Animations!


Check out Tae Hoon’s work.

Pivot Animation

Check out Tim’s animated movie. This is an example of the final product of our Animation unit.

And his practice tutorial. Students had to have a character walk, jump, and run. Much more difficult than it sounds or looks.
[youtube width=”300″ height=”222″][/youtube]

Password Power

Your password must have:
  • at least seven characters
  • at least one capital/uppercase letter
  • at least one number

Here are some examples:

GoofBall001                        gOOfball11                                  Sturgeon99                  sturgeoN99

iATE my2cats                   HarryPotter8

*Grade Five studnts must ask a Tech teacher to have their passwords changed.

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