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Tech Cartoons Revisited

ramos. Noah. computer killerleow.michelle.toondoo credit cardMorales.Isobel.cartoon2487569yu-banos.jasmine.privateinfotoondoo

Check out some of our technology related cartoons from our iLearn students.

Walk, Run, Jump Revisited

Check out the latest animation videos from iDesign. Students were asked to demonstrated their ability to simply walk, run, and jump using the simple animation program known as Pivot. This task is actually muvh more challenging than it seems.

Missy [youtube][/youtube]


Marcus [youtube][/youtube]

Jenny K [youtube][/youtube]

Lets’s Go the Movies 2



Platypus V.S. Human


Lets’s Go the Movies 1

Enjoy some of the  final videos from the iLearn students.

Torture Teacher


Awesome and Cool




Postcards from the Edge

Postcard copy   PS GC copy Postcard. JTP

 Lim.T.Leaning tower of pisa with me copy taj mahal water skip copy eiffel-tower w two me jumping on it copy Martin Narciso

 postcard.andrea.manalac take the leap copy    Me in NiagaraFalls copy

golovakova masha japan trip  apollo08_earthrise copy   Anna on WM copy 

  Sanj at the White House copy

Here is our first attempt with Photoshop. Many thanks to Mr. Hoover for stopping by and teaching us the basics.

The Three Bandits

This is a sample movie showing the basics of a simple but effective movie making program known as Photostory. iLearn students went to work on a practice movie using a set of pictures given to them. Check back later for some of the best.

*All actors are fictional. Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.


Plans for Subic

dolphins For travelers interested in going to Subic,  we have  some suggestions to help you plan your trip.

-Jenny, Lea, Grace

Game Maker

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Game Maker is fun. You create games by many creating Events for each Object. You can design games like Pong and Shooting-type games. You can add lives and leave messages. People who are interested in arcade games would to design games with Game Maker.-Sanjana

RSS Info for All!


I Want My MTV

MTV This podcats talks about MTV or the Music Televison. Hope you like it!

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