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Yolanda-One Year Later by Sarina

Project Smile Update

The Middle Schoool’s Project Awesome recently ended. Originally  Sturgeon’s Stinky Stew decided on Project Smile as the focus for their Project Awesome.
Sturgeon’s Stinky Stew teamed up with Mrs. Thompson’s and Mrs. Parry’s advisories to present the money they raised to the local chapter of Project Smile. The Stew initially had a goal of raising or donating 200 pesos per student for a total of 2200 pesos. Magically, due to generous contributions and some innovative product selling by the Stew members, the final total was a whopping total of 8000 PHP!

Here are the representatives of the three advisories handing over the check to Project Smile Philippines.


photo 3

photo 2


MS Film Festival

The First ISManila MS Film Festival was a great success!

iTunes Website Reviews are Back!

logoiLearn students are again reviewing the best of the best that can be found on the web. They visit educational sites, chose one, and wrote a review.  Garageband was then employed to record their script and to construct the intro and outro jingles.

Search on the iTunes store for iLearn and be sure to subscribe to the podcast.

Look for this symbol:

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.51.01 AM





Have a listen to a sample.

Podcast Reviews from iLearn

A sample from Katya.

The best of the the best will be uploaded to the iLearn podcast on iTunes.

Google Apps Video Creation via WeVideo

A sample of student work form Mrs. Vergel‘s Grade 6 Science class. Video produced online with WeVideo connected via Google Apps.


Student Reviewed Educational Sites

The iLearn class continues to publish great educational website reviews to the world via the class blog and iTunes. Here is Ike’s review of a classic-Electocity.


Sketchup 2013

Some great Google Sketchup examples.

UN Final Touches

Grade 6 students,

You are in the final stages of your United Nations proposal.

Whether you are using,

or a combination of many applications

1. Please save your final presentation as:

Example: firstname firstnamepartner topic color homebaseteacher(s)

For real, it might look something like this: annie paolo coffee gold feren powell

2. Place the final video/audio/presentation in Google Drive shared relationship topic portfolio folder(same place as your storyboard).

 3. Change the sharing permissions on the video.  (This makes it easier for the world to view your videos.)
Click the Share then “Who can Access” Button. Change to People at ISM.

iPads in “The Hallway”

As iDesign students were finishing up their animations, some students investigated the soon to be released MS iPads. They disappeared into hallway and later returned with the following trailer they created on their own. A good way to end the week.

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