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Microsoft’s PhotoSynth

A sample from Microsoft’s Photosynth taken from my iPod Touch. You can make your own using pictures from a digital camera. Watch the tutorial at the website.


Website Recommendations:

Website Recommendations:Treetops

Treetop Trouble by Aadi

Website Recommendations:Raindrops

Raindrops at

Relocation Guides

For the last few weeks we have been working on a performance task which we have all created a ‘City Relocation Guide‘. We chose a city based on previous knowledge or interest, and have been working hard writing, researching, editing, and creating to make our finished guides. Different articles in the city guides are past to present, anecdotes, introduction (persuasive), changing of landscape, things not to miss, basic facts, population and resources, and a city map with pictures… A LOT of work! This project has helped us in English and Social Studies with writing and researching. Take a look at our guides and see if you’ll be ‘hooked!‘ by our work!


Mrs. O’Regan

Mrs. Parry

Mr. Freeman

Ms. Mowat

Mr. Hamaguchi

Mrs. Vergel

Ms. Markham

Mrs. Feren


Quick Survey for Teachers

Grade 5 Condensed Update

Grade 5

A. 1. Info updates:
a) Grade 5 site updated posts
b) Reminders regarding, shared bookmarks, shared photos, Grade 5 YouTube channel

2.  incoming students- posting to teacher blogs b) using Google docs.

3)  moving more to a Mac environment???

B. Teacher Challenges

Student Celebration/Grade 5 Blog Ideas

  • Worm conclusion  write up by a student?
  • CWW write up by teacher/student?

C. How to : Taking screenshots

Upcoming: Next Week: Hands-On:Basic Skills with student help

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Celebrating Wellness

Check a few great samples videos  from Mrs. Thompson’s Wellness class dealing with the issue of Bullying.

“In groups of three or four, students composed public service announcements in the form of short skits on the topic of bullying.  Each group concentrated on portraying one type of bullying and an appropriate strategy to deal with bullying.    After practicing their skits, students (made) short videos documenting their work.”
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

To see more great videos, visit Mrs. Thompson’s post on her Wellness site.

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