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Google Apps At ISManila

The use of Google Apps at ISManila has grown organically over the past year. By viewing the charts below, you can get a good idea of its’ growth.

The charts show the growth of collaboration with ISManila and the increase of online storage.


*This is an embedded album from Picasa- part of the Google Apps suite.

Scan Master 2013

As a holiday gift  to  myself, I purchased a portable scanner-the Scansnap S1100. This simple looking device is smaller than a traditional skinny three hole punch. While in Canada on the holidays, I dug up all my old newspaper clippings, sports stat sheets, high school memorabilia, and old travel photos. With an early cup of coffee, I often found myself watching the World Junior Hockey Championships on TV while at the same time scanning piles of old time memories.

Scansnap allows you to scan as PDF or JPG. Also you can scan directly to Google Docs, Evernote, a mobile device or a desktop folder.It has OCR recognition if you need your PDFs to be searchable.

Back at school, I have found a few minutes to some of my favorite teacher resources that I have a fondness for- old maps, homebase activities, and short stories. I was able to condense an entire binder of printed short stories in a digital format.

Stop by my room to see it in action!

Filipiniana Teachers

YouTube Preview Image

Embedding Blog Photos via Picasa

Trying out embedding via Picasa instead of Flickr.

What is Next?

Can you see the possibilities of using these future technologies in your classroom?

Eye Tracking

Smart Window

Interactive Projectors

These devices are here already.

On the Go

Is he ultimate presentation tool an HD interactive portable projector? Check out the new Pico

Google Apps MS Lesson #1

1. Setting up account
a. Grade5/6 site> School Links>Google Apps Login
b. input school username and temp password “superman99
c. repeat characters in the box
d. choose own password. best to keep school login and Google login the same

What is Google Docs?



Grade 6 Bits and Bites

Delicious Bookmarks

A place to store sites that students and teachers can easily access. How Delicious works: sites are given multiple tags which are then easily sortable

Sites can be shared with people in your network.

YouTube We have a vibrant TouTube channel with over240videos!

But wait, Mr. Sturgeon, how do I add bookmarks or add videos. I always forget the passwords!

Solution: 1) log into WordPress 2) gor tothe Grade 6 site 3) write /help at the end of the URL in the address bar. Tadah!

Google Apps

…is on the way for Middle School. Collaboration should become much easier.

Blog of the Month goes to …

Meg Parry

The thing that stands out to me is the publishing of student- presented current events. You must check them out.

The Wall

Nibbles and Bits

To get the year started if using Windows XP….

Cleaning Up Your Desktop

Move to the Z

Bookmark Toolbar Shortcuts

More Space

Enjoying the Great Change Podcasts

The podcast are all posted. They are great!

Read below if you want to know how to find a friend’s recording, listen to another class, or choose a specific topic. You will even find information on how to get the podcast via the iTunes store and directly onto your mp3 player.


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