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Skype in the Classroom

“Skype in the classroom is a free community to help teachers everywhere use Skype to help their students learn. It’s a place for teachers to connect with each other, find partner classes and share inspiration. This is a global initiative that was created in response to the growing number of teachers using Skype in their classrooms.”

Skype has recently set up Skype in the Classroom– essentially a forum for teachers to contact to one another in order to set up shared projects across communities or across the world. Resources for teachers are also available. Check out more information here regarding Skype in the Classroom. Is anybody presently using Skype in the classroom? Let’s us know.

Teacher Challenges

Weekly Update

Thanks for surprise!

  • Email subscriptions-7 teachers now using
  • Email subscriptions-can do so for integration blog
  • Email subscriptions-investigating a plugin for wordpress-UPDATE: foudn and ready to go
  • 7 people now following the Grade 6 site!

Teacher Challenges

Enter the “Cutting Edge Teacher of the Year”  award by completing one of the following tasks:

  1. adding students as users to your blog for comments and posts *
  2. collaboration-using Google Docs e.g. science lab work, observation manual *
  3. find a time to play with Pages(not iPages)-make your spouse a lovely card/introduce a topic/sell your wares   #
  4. post subject updates to Grade 5/6 sites  #
  5. Subscribe  to the emailss for Grade 5 and/or 6 site or integration  #
  6. Subscribe to the RSS feed form a site at school. #
  7. post exemplary work to your class site. Does it deserve notice on the Grade5 or 6 site?  #
  8. Using the laptops?  Ask me to stop by and hang out.#
  9. Do something cool and let me know so I can brag on your behalf!  #
  10. Find, request, ask for time to do one of the above! #

*= will need some setup help
#= your can do it now or with minimal help

The goal is to make your life easier and not to add on to your workload.

pic source

Three Ways to Capture the Screen

 Three ways to capture  part or the whole of your Desktop
(Using what is already on your school computer)

1. Print Screen button  2. Smart Notebook Screen Capture  3.  Have a Mac :0

Ways to Capture Images on Your Scrren

Recieve Integration Updates in your Email

Never have time to check out how to solve those niggly tech issues at ISM? Well, have solutions come to you!
Click on the ‘Subscribe to Emails” button the the ISM Integration blog and have the latest tech updates delivered in your email.

Photostory Sample

Here is a sample of a Photostory  that I put together for my iDesign class.


Check your email for a link to get sup.

To watch the video again…

When at school… It will ask for connections options.

You will need to

a) check manual settings

b) server: proxy   port:80

c) Check “Proxy Server Requires Password” box

4)  input Unsername and Password

Setting Up DropBox

1. Go to

2. Download Dropbox.

3. Install

4. Connection settings

At school, you need to get around the proxy. Use the settings below.

In Windows XP, the DropBox symbol will show up next to your clock.

Macbook Wheel Set to Change the World

What do you think of this new product?


What is a Blog?

To help you understand what a blog is……


A blog is essentially a website that have some special characteristics:

  • A main content area with articles listed chronologically, newest on top. Often, the articles are organized into categories.
  • An archive of older articles.
  • A way for people to leave comments about the articles.
  • A list of links to other related sites, sometimes called a “blogroll”.
  • One or more “feeds” like RSS, Atom or RDF files.”

Toast Your Screen


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