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Change for the Better

The Grade 6 website has undergone some radical changes! Now you will have an easier time navigating as virtually everything is located in the menu bar.

Some of the immediate changes include:

  • Added home button
  • Redesigned site with new theme
  • Added Specialist teachers tab
  • Added email request link

2011 Tech Ideas to Start the Year

2011 Tech Ideas to Start the Year

Find some time. Click a few links. A little something for everybody.

Student Work Displayed

Teacher Blogging Techniques

  • A clever way to make that weekly post that takes the “blogging pain” away.
  • View the power of embedded games on  your blog site. A natural fit.
  • Witness the draw-you-in-ness of having large, clear images at the start of your blog posts.
  • Simple organization of daily class starters you already do allows for student review and a bank of future resources.

To inspire integration

Off the beaten track
To soothe the soul at the start of 2011:

  • If you need to just chill a bit after the holidays, grab a primer of various styles of music from the music department.
  • Not to be missed. Try a new hobby.

Photostory Sample

Here is a sample of a Photostory  that I put together for my iDesign class.


Check your email for a link to get sup.

To watch the video again…

When at school… It will ask for connections options.

You will need to

a) check manual settings

b) server: proxy   port:80

c) Check “Proxy Server Requires Password” box

4)  input Unsername and Password

Setting Up DropBox

1. Go to

2. Download Dropbox.

3. Install

4. Connection settings

At school, you need to get around the proxy. Use the settings below.

In Windows XP, the DropBox symbol will show up next to your clock.

Flex Your Blog’s Muscles

I have spent a good amount of time looking at blogs of teachers involved with Grade 5 and Grade 6.

I thought I would highlight some particular aspects of certain blogs in hopes that you may look at them and be inspired. This is not to show the best sites nor create pressure on teachers. In fact, virtually everyone is meeting the minimal requirements and most teachers are looking for new ways to utilize their sites.


  • Be creative in getting students and people to look at your site (and want to look at your site!)
  • Induce student’s comments to your posts. Ask a question. Get them to reflect or respond to other comments.

Specific Highlights

Grade 5 Home

Dealing with Pictures Grade 5/6

  Dealing with Pictures PDF Format

Dealing with Pictures

 Traditionally, teachers have used the server for pictures. 

    +’s  -‘s 
Staff Resources:  for keeping pictures for teacher use only Secure while at school Nobody remembers where they are.Nobody really looks at them.

Takes up a lot of space.

Student Resources:  pics for student use Secure while at school.Good for temp use. Annoying to access from Home

However, we have a Flickr pro account.

 There are some distinct advantages with Flickr.

  • Unlimited storage
  • Open to the public
  • All pictures centralized
  • Accessible from anywhere.


  • If you want to display photos publicly, use Flickr.
  • If you want to have students access and choose pictures for work at school, place them temporarily in Student Resources.
  • Move away from using the Staff Resources to store pictures.

YouTube Tutorial for Grade 5/6 Teachers

YouTube Upload Tutorial

Grade 5 and 6 Updates Sept 8

Grade 6 Home Update

The Grade 5 site is up and running

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