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Google Search Tips and Tricks

1. Use quotation marks to search for words a as a phrase. “smokey mountain” vs. smokey mountain

2. Exclude words: Philippine tourism -resorts

3. Search for file types: use Advanced Search and search for Powerpoint, etc.  OR use filetype:extension. Example: early humans filetype:ppt

4.  Limit website for particular search: rice shortage

5. Google images: In advanced search, choose images labeled for reuse, sizes, and dates.

6. Results in timeline view: Gloria Arroyo view:timeline


Google Search Bar’s Magical Powers

1. Calculator: 22*5+12/4

2. Units of measure converter: 5 miles in kilometers, 5kgs in lbs,

3. Currency converter: 1000 Philippine pesos in USD

4. Dictionary:


5. Time: ex. time in Iceland

5. Loads more: package tracking, cooking conversions, stock quotes, fill-in-the-blank, see more here

Tips from Google on searching

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Grade Six Teacher Update March 31


Relocation Guides are up on Grade 6 site.

Did you know?

…your My Docs folder has a 1GB limit?*

….students’ My Doc folder has a 500MB limit?

Many students are reaching their limit due to accumulating larger files and/or having many years worth of files. It’s time to do some renovation! Setting 20 minutes aside to have students re-evaluate and re-organize their schools documents would be very useful for many students.

Password Changing

Many students still have their birthday as their passwords. It may be the time to increase security be changing student passwords on a one by one  basis.

USB Performance

It’s a BUS! If the bus breaks down you are without your work. USB Tips: a) attach it to a cord   b )name it by right-clicking and Rename


Issues? Questions?



remember DropBox?

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has been mentioned before on the Integration blog.  Students are accessing the site on their own time and teachers are mentioning it at the water cooler in the morning coffee lines. Watch the founder of Khan Academy describe how the site started.

Animation Celebration

Some iDesign students created animations were played for the entire Middle School this past Wednesday. Based on the laughing. applause, and the audience’s desire for more, the student animators should be proud of their work.

If you are interested in animation, download the free Stykz program. It is available for both Windows and Mac. The website includes some great “getting started’ video tutorials. They also have great tips and a solid help section to learn as you go.


CWW Trivia Challenge

See how much you remember about the CWW trip.

“Who Wants  to be
a Millionaire?”

CWW Millionaire Game

“Are You Smarter than
a 5th Grader?”

5th Grader



Celebrating Poetry!

Check out some of the sample poems produced by Mrs. Cook’s class. To see more , visit her classroom.

Teacher Challenges

Weekly Update

Thanks for surprise!

  • Email subscriptions-7 teachers now using
  • Email subscriptions-can do so for integration blog
  • Email subscriptions-investigating a plugin for wordpress-UPDATE: foudn and ready to go
  • 7 people now following the Grade 6 site!

Teacher Challenges

Enter the “Cutting Edge Teacher of the Year”  award by completing one of the following tasks:

  1. adding students as users to your blog for comments and posts *
  2. collaboration-using Google Docs e.g. science lab work, observation manual *
  3. find a time to play with Pages(not iPages)-make your spouse a lovely card/introduce a topic/sell your wares   #
  4. post subject updates to Grade 5/6 sites  #
  5. Subscribe  to the emailss for Grade 5 and/or 6 site or integration  #
  6. Subscribe to the RSS feed form a site at school. #
  7. post exemplary work to your class site. Does it deserve notice on the Grade5 or 6 site?  #
  8. Using the laptops?  Ask me to stop by and hang out.#
  9. Do something cool and let me know so I can brag on your behalf!  #
  10. Find, request, ask for time to do one of the above! #

*= will need some setup help
#= your can do it now or with minimal help

The goal is to make your life easier and not to add on to your workload.

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Three Ways to Capture the Screen

 Three ways to capture  part or the whole of your Desktop
(Using what is already on your school computer)

1. Print Screen button  2. Smart Notebook Screen Capture  3.  Have a Mac :0

Ways to Capture Images on Your Scrren

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Grade 5 Website Update

The Grade 5 website has undergone some changes! Now virtually everything you need related to Grade 5 is located in the menu bar.
Some of the immediate changes include:

  • Added home button: just makes sense
  • Added Specialist teachers tab:makes finding any Grade 5 teacher even easier
  • Teachers, students and parents are encouraged to use the Email Updates button. By subscribing, you will receive an email each time the site has a new article posted.

    Please leave a comment if something not quite right 0n the site or you have a suggestion.

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