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Stykz Animation Celebration 2011-12

Hunger Games Trailer Audio

A new profession perhaps? Made my own audio for the upcoming Hunger Games trailer. Pretty happy with it.

[youtube width=”525 ” height=”410″][/youtube]

Check out the original below.




Sample Podcast

Listen to Mr. Sturgeon goofing around in iLearn (at bottom of post). He decided to make a sample of a website review for his students. The iLearn students will be making their own reviews very soon. Check out some previous website reviews by students.  You can listen here or can even download this review and many others by subscribing to the iLearn podcast in the iTunes store. You can have them on your iPod to listen to at any time!

Listen also to other audio recordings from Grade 5 by:
a) viewing them under Student Work>Podcasts in the menu bar above.
b) Subscribe to the podcast it the iTunes store

Relocation Guides-The Best Yet


Check them out here.

Explore cities in Asia, Australia, India, the Middle East, and Northern Africa
through these enticing Grade 6 Relocation Guides. Students have successfully
produced material to encourage multi-national corporations to move to “their”
city! Important information on population, changes to the landscape, and
the impact of history is all included in these persuasive guides. Students tech-
finesse with PAGES software also adds to the engagement! Enjoy!- M.parry

Our World Leaders

Most of the UN video proposals have been uploaded to YouTube for all to see. Be sure to have your friends, family, and interested persons watch your persuasive and professional presentations.

For those who recorded audio recordings(podcasts), we hope to have those uploeded soon.

All videos can be accessed by using the Student Work drop down choices in the menu bar above.

Ten Steps to iMovie


iLearn Video Fun

Here are some lighthearted videos produced by the Grade 5 iLearn students in Mr. Sturgeon’s class.

Many thanks to Marcus, Keshnen, Aadi, Aadihitya, Aarushi, Amal, Chatu, and Yasmin for a great semester.



Sample eShorts

iDesign Logos 2011


Not a screensaver or desktop background!


It was unfortunate today that we suffered a grave loss. A laptop gave up its screen due to some manageable mistakes.

One student was carrying a laptop improperly in the hallway when another student came running around the corner and crashed into the laptop carrier.

The cost to replace the screen is 700 USD. A new machine costs 1000 USD.

IT will replace the machine as it is more cost effective.


Two major reminders:

  • Do not tolerate running in the hallway.
  • Students need to close the lid and hug the laptops close to the chest when in transport.
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