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iLearn-Share the Knowledge Challenge

Mr. Sturgeon’s iLearn students given the challenge of completing a word processing skills test recently. The goal was to have all students complete the task as quickly as possible. Students were encouraged to talk to each other, explain how to complete tasks, and even point to the screen and walk students through more difficult questions. The one approach not permitted was taking over control of a fellow classmate’s mouse.

Here is photo of the students nearing the end of the task.

Here is the list of tasks that they had. Give it a try.

Basics Speed Trial

Meet Our iLearn Class!

Survey Results

Check out what last year’s students had to say about the courses.

iDesign Final Survey results

How to Haggle-Noah and Junior


iLearn Final Survey

9 Ways to Get Revenge

[youtube][/youtube]Kamille, Michelle, and Iso  have some advice for students. Are you ready to try out their suggestions?

Future Laptops? What do you think?


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