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How to Tutorials

Ever get stuck and not know how to get a task done on your computer? Well, thanks to the following students, you can get clear and concise directions for common tasks you may need to perform. Choose a topic of your choice and the student’s instructions will guide you to success.

How to Get to Google Drive-Maddy 

How to Change Desktop  Picture on a Mac-Camella

How to Sign into the Chrome Browser-Lexi

How to Take a Screenshot-Ari

How to Sign into the Chrome App Store-Travis

How to Find a Mac Application-Reed

How to Use Instant Alpha in Pages-Pari

How to Get to Any Grade 5 Teacher or Class site

How to Rotate a Photo in Pages

How to Keep a Program in the Dock-Mac

How to Set Up Hot Corners on a Mac 




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Road Sign.egg on Aviary.

Supreme Animations – iDesign 2012

Which one is your favorite?

Donations Accepted Here

Mr. Neil Woods answers the concerns of our parent and student community relating to the recent rains affecting our local host community.

 Thank you for all the messages of concern and offers of support.
We are still gathering information on the full impact the floods have had on our community and service partners.
I will update you when I learn more. As we return to school please bring donations of rice, noodles, and tin (canned) foods to the FAT lobby.

We will adjust this list of items as demands dictate.
ISM will purchase water and other items needed.  

Monetary donations can be made at the cashier and paid into the ISM Disaster Relief Fund.  

Thanks and keep safe,

Neil Woods

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Eye on the Philippines

CNN has a series of reports on many aspect s of the Philippines. All videos are concise, thought-provoking, and informative.  Should the videos be required viewing for ISM students ? Topics covered include OFW’s call centers, corruption, child labour, boxing, food, religion, and much more.

Check out the main page here.

To start you off, here is a report on the lengths to which the most unfortunate may go to put food on the table.

Stykz Animation Celebration 2011-12

Hunger Games Trailer Audio

A new profession perhaps? Made my own audio for the upcoming Hunger Games trailer. Pretty happy with it.

YouTube Preview Image

Check out the original below.

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Relocation Guides-The Best Yet


Check them out here.

Explore cities in Asia, Australia, India, the Middle East, and Northern Africa
through these enticing Grade 6 Relocation Guides. Students have successfully
produced material to encourage multi-national corporations to move to “their”
city! Important information on population, changes to the landscape, and
the impact of history is all included in these persuasive guides. Students tech-
finesse with PAGES software also adds to the engagement! Enjoy!- M.parry

Our World Leaders

Most of the UN video proposals have been uploaded to YouTube for all to see. Be sure to have your friends, family, and interested persons watch your persuasive and professional presentations.

For those who recorded audio recordings(podcasts), we hope to have those uploeded soon.

All videos can be accessed by using the Student Work drop down choices in the menu bar above.

Ten Steps to iMovie


Sample eShorts

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