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Donations Accepted Here

Mr. Neil Woods answers the concerns of our parent and student community relating to the recent rains affecting our local host community.

 Thank you for all the messages of concern and offers of support.
We are still gathering information on the full impact the floods have had on our community and service partners.
I will update you when I learn more. As we return to school please bring donations of rice, noodles, and tin (canned) foods to the FAT lobby.

We will adjust this list of items as demands dictate.
ISM will purchase water and other items needed.  

Monetary donations can be made at the cashier and paid into the ISM Disaster Relief Fund.  

Thanks and keep safe,

Neil Woods

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Eye on the Philippines

CNN has a series of reports on many aspect s of the Philippines. All videos are concise, thought-provoking, and informative.  Should the videos be required viewing for ISM students ? Topics covered include OFW’s call centers, corruption, child labour, boxing, food, religion, and much more.

Check out the main page here.

To start you off, here is a report on the lengths to which the most unfortunate may go to put food on the table.

Hunger Games Trailer Audio

A new profession perhaps? Made my own audio for the upcoming Hunger Games trailer. Pretty happy with it.

YouTube Preview Image

Check out the original below.

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Sample Podcast

Listen to Mr. Sturgeon goofing around in iLearn (at bottom of post). He decided to make a sample of a website review for his students. The iLearn students will be making their own reviews very soon. Check out some previous website reviews by students.  You can listen here or can even download this review and many others by subscribing to the iLearn podcast in the iTunes store. You can have them on your iPod to listen to at any time!

Listen also to other audio recordings from Grade 5 by:
a) viewing them under Student Work>Podcasts in the menu bar above.
b) Subscribe to the podcast it the iTunes store

iLearn Video Fun

Here are some lighthearted videos produced by the Grade 5 iLearn students in Mr. Sturgeon’s class.

Many thanks to Marcus, Keshnen, Aadi, Aadihitya, Aarushi, Amal, Chatu, and Yasmin for a great semester.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

iDesign Logos 2011

Worms Everywhere!

What is going on with worms taking over the Grade 5 hallway?

“In science we are taking care of worms.We feed the worms every Monday and put the food in specific places in the wormery. We often take the worms out and study them, then we make some questions that we want to find out about the worms. After that, we choose one question to study. We then make a diagram that helps you find your answer. At the end you put your diagram into action and then list and observe what you saw the worms do.” -Aqilla

What do you know now about worms that you did not know before?

“Worms are sensitive to light. The first reaction is burrow itself in the ground. Some color lights the worms do like such as the dark colored lights. Why? My predictions that the worms are used to being in dark places so they really didn’t mind that much.” -Roi

“Blue is the best color of light if you had a pet worm.”-Robbie

Celebrating Poetry!

Check out some of the sample poems produced by Mrs. Cook’s class. To see more , visit her classroom.

Grade 5 Website Update

The Grade 5 website has undergone some changes! Now virtually everything you need related to Grade 5 is located in the menu bar.
Some of the immediate changes include:

  • Added home button: just makes sense
  • Added Specialist teachers tab:makes finding any Grade 5 teacher even easier
  • Teachers, students and parents are encouraged to use the Email Updates button. By subscribing, you will receive an email each time the site has a new article posted.

    Please leave a comment if something not quite right 0n the site or you have a suggestion.

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