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MS SHIFT January Update

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The Latest Technology News 
Can you find yourself in the video?
2. BONIFACIO– Is your Google password still Bonifacio or your birthday? Change it now! For ultra security consider Google’s Two Factor Authentication .
3. Single-Tasking Is the New MultitaskingA technology satire video is that eerily true. 

From the Being Digital section.

4. Taking Selfies Too Far? Is the photo the ultimate goal? 

From the Being Digital section.

MS Shift-Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are incredibly popular shopping days in North America. It happens this coming weekend.
MS SHIFT would like to join in and offer you some of the latest tech information that we hope you find useful. Enjoy!
1. MS Film Festival Teaser-See the theme and get a head start for the 2nd MS Film Festival  to be held in May 2015.
2. Learn about the latest MS Chrome extension craze Momentum.
3. A new section- Media Guide to learn about Creative Commons and where to find images you have permission to use.​ Suggestion-try Haiku Deck for your next class presentation.

MS SHIFT Official Launch

MS Students,

During our next few sessions in  Advisory , the focus will be on Technology. 

One of the sessions will direct you to a great new student technology resources site.

It’s MS SHIFT       
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You will find tips, tricks, and ideas that will help you to be more productive with your computer and online related school work and in your personal life as well.  
Please bookmark the site.  
Take a look around. We hope you like it.
If you would like to get involved with the site, stop by Room 1039.
Welcome to MS SHIFT   ! 

Introducing SHIFT

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 8.04.16 AM

Introducing our new Middle School student technology help site. We are compiling some great resources for Middle School students.

Are you looking for information on printing, Google tips and tricks, how to set up your new ePortfolio, or password advice? Check out SHIFT


MS Film Festival

The First ISManila MS Film Festival was a great success!

Project Awesome!

Check out our Sturgeon’s Stinky Stew Project Smile page. We are officially registered on their site.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 3.30.57 PM
There is some great information on the site about Project Smile works.
Here again is the short video we saw. Why do you think she gave the blind man all her money?

Pagsanjan Falls


The Door Scene

Catch a glimpse of some future movie directors and actors. The guidelines given were:

A person is about to open a door. The person hears a sound and becomes mildly concerned. The person finds the door locked and searches for his or her keys. The person hears the sound again and becomes visibly apprehensive.As the filmmaker,  your goal is to build tension and growing panic, using any visual element or device that you can think of.  The film closes with the person finally opening the door and getting to the other side safely. Communicate to the audience the character’s feeling of relief and safety.


[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube]




Podcast Reviews from iLearn

A sample from Katya.

The best of the the best will be uploaded to the iLearn podcast on iTunes.

ePortfolio Soft Launch

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 3.09.46 PM

Student ePortfolios are now available to all students via Google Apps under Sites. Students can fill out class and personal information, embed teacher websites, and most importantly display and share some of their best pieces of school form throughout the school year.

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