Mr. Sturgeon

Mr. Sturgeon is presently a Middle School Technology Integrator.


Wondersaid-Simple and Effective

made on Wondersay – Animate text with style

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Simple Student Portfolio Idea

Interested? Looking for one or two teachers to trial. Student Led Conferences Are you interested in having students organize their work for the student led conferences? The idea is to use a simple Google Doc template to organize and encapsulate student work. Option 1 Having students organize their work from your specific class. Here is an example from an iLearn student. template Option 2 A more […]

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When clearing out the Student Resources network folder, I came across a copy of Slender. Not knowing what it was, I opened it up and began to explore. I immediately had flashbacks to The Blairwitch Project, the horror movie from the late 1990’s.   Slender is a free download. A little creepy but engaging. Jay, […]

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Google Apps At ISManila

The use of Google Apps at ISManila has grown organically over the past year. By viewing the charts below, you can get a good idea of its’ growth. The charts show the growth of collaboration with ISManila and the increase of online storage.   *This is an embedded album from Picasa- part of the Google […]

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Scan Master 2013

As a holiday gift  to  myself, I purchased a portable scanner-the Scansnap S1100. This simple looking device is smaller than a traditional skinny three hole punch. While in Canada on the holidays, I dug up all my old newspaper clippings, sports stat sheets, high school memorabilia, and old travel photos. With an early cup of […]

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iMovie Issues

This week ISM Grade 6 students are busty preparing United Nations solution proposals regarding coffee, plastic, electronics, or chocolate. Students are using Keynote, Photobooth, iMovie or Garageband to help develop a solid presentation.  A few students using using iMovie  have encountered some problems. It seems that after working merrily along, the audio will no longer record in project. After much troubleshooting,  this issue  has an […]

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UN Final Touches

Grade 6 students, You are in the final stages of your United Nations proposal. Whether you are using, *Photobooth *iMovie *Keynote *Garageband or a combination of many applications 1. Please save your final presentation as: Example: firstname firstnamepartner topic color homebaseteacher(s) For real, it might look something like this: annie paolo coffee gold feren powell 2. Place the […]

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Cool Holiday Website Recommendations

 iLearn students have some cool websites you can check out.  You can listen to their reviews here or subscribe to the iLearn podcast in the iTunes store.   

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Google Drive Apps and Extensions

Google Drive Extensions/Plugins Worth Considering DriveTunes: allows you to play audio within Drive               Gmail Attachments to Drive: adds a Save to Drive link to the View and Download options with Gmail attachments         Spanning Stats for Google Drive: breaks down what type of files you have stored in Google […]

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United Nations Awaits Proposals

Grade Six is beginning the most exciting project of the year!  Students will create a convincing presentation to deliver to the United Nations. The presentations will have a tech component: a movie with iMovie, an audio recording using Garageband, an iSight recording using Photbooth, a Keynote presentation or a combination of them. Here are the […]

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