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I stopped by a few of the MS Modern Language classes to get an opinion on a text-to-speech app called Select and Speak.​ It is a simple extension for the Chrome Browser.  Once installed, the user highlights text and the computer will speak the words. It is doubly cool as the program will determine what the language is first and then speak with an accent that a few of you say is adequate/excellent.

 I think is would be cool for students to hear what they are reading online.

To install:
A. 1. Go to Chrome Web Store   2. Search for “Select and Speak” 3. Install
Icon will appear as a small icon with the icons at the end of your are address bar.​

B. Ask Sturgeon or Chadwick to stop by and demonstrate.
Is “How are you?” In Inuktitut, on of the languages of the Canadian Arctic where I first taught.