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Modern Languages

Posting of homework, assessments and rubrics very common
Most teachers posting on regular basis

Increasing and Sharing Oral Speaking Opportunities

1. Audio Recording via
GarageBand-nearly all Grade 5/6/7students have experience
Sound recorder-Windows:Start/Programs/Accessories/Sound Recorder
handheld recorders: handy despite software unfriendliness


insert audio files into blog
have any audio files form blog available in iTunes


Audio: grade 5 iTunes:search for ismanila in iTunes store

2. Community Conversations


Multiple story strand
Telling story about a picture
Student feedback on questions
Community discussion on topics
Blank cartoon stories. Students add voices.

Examples: see the Modern language teacher example here

Ideas: each student counts 1-10, Students describe an event, picture, etc.

Follow up: How to set it up so that public users can leave comment via the blog without going to VocieThread”

3. Personal video comments:

PhotoBooth: record face and voice. Why fight it? Students love it. Use it to your advantage.

a)     Place in teacher dropbox
b)     Upload via YouTube  to blog
c)     String together a story and post as video.

Issues: ML not having laptops til next year.

Solution: Use one laptop and have students rotate.
Student commenting

Posting questions for discussion in blog posts. Students respond in the appropriate language.
Sample: jacobs Morgan has many seemingly unsolicited comments on her blog posts.

5. Video stories-Photostory or iMovie or Keynote
A series of stills that can you can record over. Studnets can be given pictures, collect pictures.

Great for storytelling, oral compositions, reading written work.

Photostory: easy to use   iMovie: all students in Gr6 and 7 are familiar

6. Video 2 : Recording spoken work/presentations with camera

Vado cameras available for checkout at IT office.

Great for recording presentations, dialogues, speaking that are already happening in your class.

7. Add students as users to blogs. Let them post. Great ideas to start next year.



  1. 1. hopefully you are better grasp on methods to capture student particpation in your  class.
  2. 2. Hopefully you have some ideas on how to share studnt work in a public forum.
  3. 3. Try to push  the tech hiccups to the end. We are hear to help with that. Focus on what you what to do first.

Technical help available:

uploading to YouTube

embedding audio into blog

help with software: Photostory, iMovie, Garageband, VoiceThread










many teachers using blogs for Homework

many used for assignment descriptions

a few have inserted  YouTube videos