1. Use quotation marks to search for words a as a phrase. “smokey mountain” vs. smokey mountain

2. Exclude words: Philippine tourism -resorts

3. Search for file types: use Advanced Search and search for Powerpoint, etc.  OR use filetype:extension. Example: early humans filetype:ppt

4.  Limit website for particular search: site:cnn.com rice shortage

5. Google images: In advanced search, choose images labeled for reuse, sizes, and dates.

6. Results in timeline view: Gloria Arroyo view:timeline


Google Search Bar’s Magical Powers

1. Calculator: 22*5+12/4

2. Units of measure converter: 5 miles in kilometers, 5kgs in lbs,

3. Currency converter: 1000 Philippine pesos in USD

4. Dictionary:


5. Time: ex. time in Iceland

5. Loads more: package tracking, cooking conversions, stock quotes, fill-in-the-blank, see more here

Tips from Google on searching

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