Weekly Update

Thanks for surprise!

  • Email subscriptions-7 teachers now using
  • Email subscriptions-can do so for integration blog
  • Email subscriptions-investigating a plugin for wordpress-UPDATE: foudn and ready to go
  • 7 people now following the Grade 6 site!

Teacher Challenges

Enter the “Cutting Edge Teacher of the Year”  award by completing one of the following tasks:

  1. adding students as users to your blog for comments and posts *
  2. collaboration-using Google Docs e.g. science lab work, observation manual *
  3. find a time to play with Pages(not iPages)-make your spouse a lovely card/introduce a topic/sell your wares   #
  4. post subject updates to Grade 5/6 sites  #
  5. Subscribe  to the emailss for Grade 5 and/or 6 site or integration  #
  6. Subscribe to the RSS feed form a site at school. #
  7. post exemplary work to your class site. Does it deserve notice on the Grade5 or 6 site?  #
  8. Using the laptops?  Ask me to stop by and hang out.#
  9. Do something cool and let me know so I can brag on your behalf!  #
  10. Find, request, ask for time to do one of the above! #

*= will need some setup help
#= your can do it now or with minimal help

The goal is to make your life easier and not to add on to your workload.

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